Google adds more attributes to price fields for telecom industry sellers

by Ben Culpin, on Apr 2, 2019 11:20:14 AM

What has happened? 

Google have made a few small changes to Shopping ads User Interface for specific products in the telecoms industry.
Which products are impacted?
Phone sold in installments, phone bundled with a service contract, phone bundled with a service contract & sold in installments
For these products, Shopping ads will now require additional information to be shown to viewers like the number of months and the repayments charge per month.
Why was it introduced?
Up until now there has been no easy way to provide the user with this info straight away. 2 offers with differing prices could be displayed for the same phone without service contract and installment information - making it misleading for the viewer and leading to bad advertising performance (see image below). 
google telecom pricing
The hope here is that by giving viewers more information straight away about what the product is and its pricing structure should offer a better user experience, and potentially lead to better qualified clicks for the merchant.

What is changing: Product Data Specification

Google are introducing 2 new attributes for a phone sold in installments and/or bundled with a
service contract:
[installment] + [subscription_cost]
1. Installment
Telecom industry products often offer a payment installment model in order to make it easier for
customers to buy an expensive device. If you offer monthly repayment of the phone, follow the
formatting below:
Format: [length: number of months applicable] : [cost: installment repayment per month]
e.g: 12:30.00 EUR (installment plan for 12 months,
with a €30.00 monthly repayment charge)
2. subscription_cost
Subscription costs are a series of payments made over a period of time for the telecom services
bundled with a wireless product offer. If you sell a phone bundled with a service contract, follow the formatting below:
Format: [period: ‘month’ or ‘year’][length: number of months/year applicable] : [cost: service
contract charge per month] [currency]
e.g: month:12:35.00 EUR (service contract for 12 months,
€35.00 monthly service charge)
3. Change to Title
If you sell a phone bundled with either a service contract and/or with a payment installment model, you also need to state in the title that a product is sold with a service contract and/or installment plan (see image below).
e.g: Google Pixel 5” 32GB Very Silver (with contract & installments)
google telecom changes

What is required of telecom industry merchants? 


  • Standalone phone - nothing is changing
  • Phone with service contact - add subscription cost and update title
  • Phone sold with installments - add installment attribute and update title


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