Our Digital Transformation Rocket is now 5 and a new mission is underway!

by Juan Jose Rodríguez, on Aug 9, 2019 11:08:06 AM

It is important to recognize milestones in the growth of a company. The one we are celebrating this month at WakeupData is nothing less than a tale of effort, resilience, a fair amount of failure, grit and finally success. 

digital transformation rocket takeoff

What I’m going to tell you and describe is the story of how WakeupData has managed, slowly but steadily to move from a startup with a product that aimed to create efficiency and value for webshops and e-commerce business from day  1.

Back to the start

In 2014, our Co-Founder Dennis identified a critical need to structure product data feeds to comply with the requirements from an explosion of online sales channels - think of Google Shopping, Facebook, PriceRunner, etc. 

At the time, Dennis developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that would allow any user with no coding knowledge to automate a process typically done by using Spreadsheets in small organisations or by external developers in larger organisations. A couple of iterations later, the ROAS provided by this MVP was validated with a couple of partners and WakeupData was born.  

To say the journey has been “a rollercoaster” would be a complete understatement. If you have worked in a Startup you probably know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t, I’m sure you have heard or read about how difficult it is to go to market with something that is new and unique, until suddenly it isn’t, and all of the sudden a large number of competitors pop up like mushrooms in a forest!

It is the nature of the market and the system we live in, so we just keep swimming, innovating, hiring talent and listening to our customers. 

I think the best way to understand our journey is perhaps to draw a rough timeline of events in our history:


  • WakeupData was founded! 

  • Our first employee Victor Smegaard started in the company part time. 

  • He was followed by Steffen Jorgensen shortly after. 

  • Gokce, who was a business Manager for almost 3 years at WakeupData shaped the brand and the initial operational tasks.

  • WakeupData joined an accelerator and got funded by Markeds ModningsFonden, Vaeksfonden and Innovation Fund Denmark. Things got real. 


  • WakeupData was among the 6 finalists at IBM’s Business Connect.

  • Our first clients joined the family, we are thankful to GrejFreak, El-Salg, Kaufmann and JTP group for taking a leap of faith and using our technology since the very beginning. They are all still with us, this is something to celebrate and we couldn’t be more proud to have partnered with these brands to bring their Digital Transformation in e-commerce to the next level. 

  • For obvious reasons we joined the Danish Association of Ecommerce (FDIH), a membership that gave us visibility in a Danish context in order to build trust with other actors and companies in the market that we were more familiar with. 



  • It was all about trial an error with pricing models and acquisition, we decided on the best way to market our products was to partner with digital marketing agencies but also help SMB companies to sell more. 

  • Alex Popa joined as a Junior Developer and stayed with us for some time. 

  • Denitsa Ivanova joined as content marketer. 

  • We released our Price Monitoring Comparison tool, our first attempt to bring Business Intelligence to our core business



  • WakeupData received 2nd place award for the best e-commerce solution category for our work with Kaufmann, a success that we repeated in 2018 (2nd) and 2019 (3rd) with other cases.

  • We launched a new Feed Marketing platform - WakeupData NEO.

  • Dan-Vlad Cobasneanu joined the organization as integration Consultant.

  • Soon after Dan, I (Juan) joined the organization as a Business Development Consultant.



  • We had a challenging first part of the year, where the operationalization of tasks and several efficiencies gains had to be put in place, April was our inflexion point with a sales quarter that challenged the core of the company. 

  • We secured a strategic investment and partnership with Clearhaus and QuickPay, which has been instrumental to further develop our technology. We are grateful to everyone involved, as our partners saw the massive potential our solutions and our Co-Founder’s ability to identify opportunities in the e-commerce industry. 

  • In June, we launched our Customer Success Team to ensure our clients and partners will maximise the value of our solutions from day 1. Customer Success Manager Lora joined the team as well as our Content Marketer, Ben.

  • released several products to complement our core business, Image Transformation, Weather Data, Currency Data and the Product Feed Analyzer.

    Image Transformation Demo (1)
  • In September we became Google Partners for the CSS program where we now serve more than 200 clients in 6 different markets. 


Today, we are celebrating 5 years of operations. This is truly a milestone and we want to give a huge thank you to all the contributors, interns, accelerators, investors and of course our employees that have made this possible. 

This year we are scaling, a large group of customers decided to partner with WakeupData bringing the company to a level of exposure and we never experienced before.

Our expansion in Scandinavia hasn’t stopped since the beginning of the year and we are now expanding to other markets in Europe, as the e-commerce industry keeps growing, the opportunity for us to provide value is bigger than ever.

We are hiring. We have roles in Software Development and Sales, we need new talent to bring us to the next stage and we can’t wait for you to meet all the new faces that will help to shape the future of our company. 

We’re cooking a new product. Finally, we are developing a new product that we hope will disrupt the market. Forgive the lack of detail but let me assure you, it will be something that you’ve never seen before. 

If you are a player in the e-commerce industry and want to know more, reach out, we will be happy to explain what we have in mind in more detail!

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I want to end this with one of my favourite quotes:

How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top

Yvon Chouinard.