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by Ben Culpin, on August 26, 2019

When it comes to promoting your business for the automotive industry, there are a wide array of options available for driving traffic and building interest. What's more, it doesn't have …

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by Ben Culpin, on July 29, 2019

Do you want to build your online marketing strategy by expanding to new eCommerce channels? BUT... ...you're not sure where to start? Read on. This article is for you! There are literally …

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by Ben Culpin, on May 8, 2019

Instagram recently reported that they have 500 million active profile pages, and over 80 percent of those users are following at least one business account. What's more, 72% of users have actually made purchases …

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by Ben Culpin, on March 20, 2019

Facebook Dynamic ads let businesses re-target people who have browsed or already purchased from their store. To summarize the concept, you upload a selected product catalog to Facebook, then build …

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by Ben Culpin, on March 4, 2019

In this article we want to outline how you can get optimized results from your Facebook product catalog. So instead of just displaying your products, you are making sure they …

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by Ben Culpin, on February 18, 2019

You may have already heard about the Image Transformation tool from WakeupData - if it all sounds new to you, check out our article here which explains the features it …

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