WakeupData now available as a feature add-on for Ucommerce users

by Ben Culpin, on February 12, 2018

The Wakeupdata product update for this week announces a co-op project with one of our partners we have been working alongside: Aarhus-based company Ucommerce. 

They provide their users with the foundations for a scalable and user-friendly solution that includes all the features needed to create a modern e-commerce platform.

Ucommerce has paired with WakeupData to allow their customers to use our feed generator, giving them the best possible feed marketing experience.

Dennis Cassøe, co-founder of WakeupData, was recently selected as an MVP by Ucommerce. He says:   

"We are very much looking forward to doing a lot of great things together with the Ucommerce team. We see an exciting match between Ucommerce, the leading platform for content and commerce, and WakeupData, the most powerful product feed management solution."

What do Ucommerce do?

The platform they have created allows online businesses with limited time to centralize their business – meaning that they can manage their website, sales and operations all in the same place. The platform architecture is suitable for both B2B and B2C companies and allows easy adaptation to any of the extensions offered within the company.

ucommerce example image.jpg

Advantages of using Ucommerce:

  • A strong e-commerce platform for Umbraco, Sitecore and Kentico CMS.
  • Good integration with other systems.
  • Built-in campaign opportunities.
  • Built-in handling of carriers and freight calculation.
  • Good handling of internationalization, language and currency.
  • Standard integration of many payment providers.

What role does WakeupData play in the partnership? 

As a customer of Ucommerce, you can utilise WakeupData’s feed generator, allowing you to export your product information from Ucommerce in the right format, then import directly into our award-winning data management feed platform.

Wakeupdata info ucommerce.jpg

Furthermore, our feed generator will allow Ucommerce users to choose which shop, currency, language and variant information they want to work with.

The data then can be transformed and optimized to fit the channel data requirements of your choice, using WakeupData’s expression engine, data merge, rule engine and multiple other features, ensuring your products are presented at their best to the right audience, allowing you to save costs and increase conversions. 

With the WakeupData feature add-on to Ucommerce, you will be able to reach your full marketing potential when using us to go out onto shopping and price portals.

Watch your visibility grow within days thanks to an enriched feed and receive a better ROI with the help of our expert integration consultants. 

Find out more about our Feed marketing partnerships below

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